Educating the Confused – P&E and no victim

Sharon Rondeau at the P&E, has posted the following. And while I do not have access to the full document, it is hilarious how she keeps focusing on the ‘victim’ component. In case of ‘perjury’, there indeed is no real victim, just a perpetrator, who violates the expectations that “We the People” have when filing legal documents. As to the extortion charge, while there was no official police report, the actual court case shows that the victim of this extortion was Jeff Cunningham. The Jury looked at the evidence, was told what components were necessary for a guilty charge and found Mr Fitzpatrick guilty accordingly on two charges and acquitted him of a third charge.

Bombshell: State of Tennessee Admits No Victim Exists for Fitzpatrick’s “Crimes”

Tweet INDICTED, CHARGED, CONVICTED AND SOON TO BE SENTENCED, WITHOUT A VICTIM by Sharon Rondeau (Aug. 11, 2014) — The State of Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole has admitted that in the case of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, 14-CR-69, in which Fitzpatrick was found guilty of “aggravated perjury” and “extortion,” there was no victim. […]

Time to celebrate?… From prison most likely… This is not rocket science and yet we see more and more of these ‘sovereign citizen like’ “arguments” in the news. Not surprisingly, none of them go very far.


5 thoughts on “Educating the Confused – P&E and no victim

  1. The problem with Walt’s case is the Jury has spoken. They are the trier of fact and were instructed on the law and found Walt Fitzpatrick guilty. You have to respect the Jury’s decision. Walt can appeal but I doubt he will be successful. Appeals are very very difficult to win. Everybody seems to be crowing about Walt Fitzpatrick now AFTER he’s been convicted. It’s water over the damn. It’s too late. The battle needed to be waged at trial and unfortunately, Walt’s lawyer didn’t crow loud enough and Walt was found guilty. That’s why the accused have a lawyer. Their sole mission is to zelously advocate their defense and get their client off.

  2. The problem with Walt’s case is the Jury has spoken. They are the trier of fact and were instructed on the law and found Walt Fitzpatrick guilty.

    And despite the claimed “lack of evidence” or lack of police report or other strawmen, the jury had not problem reaching its verdict based on the evidence that was presented.

    And thus they have to accuse the jury or the judge… Poor souls…

  3. I have high very respect for a our jury system but very low respect for judges (That is cases decided by a judge and not a jury.)

  4. Walter has been found guilty of some felonies. I think he may be facing some serious jail time. Instead of crowing how the jury was wrong on convicting Walter and how his sentence should be vacated (It won’t. Walter was found guilty by jury of peers and the sentence will be given, His sentence could be reduced or vacated should he win on appeal but that’s no likely to happen.) they focus some mitigation. Walter has some pretty bad history in terms with the court and the law and a light sentence is not likely. Perhaps If Walter apologizes for whole thing and asks for some mercy or legientcy, his sentence might be lighter.

  5. Some do not understand the complexity of law. The jury instructions can be very very complicated which is why you need 6 to 12 jurors to deliberate and figure out how to apply those jury instructions to facts of the case. It was one of the reasons why is took over 20 hours acquit Zimmerman. The Jury instructions were that complicated according to jurors.

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