Another Sovcit ends up in jail

The plan sounded so great on paper. In reality, he is now serving serving up to 180 days for criminal contempt and is facing additional charges. They are so cute before they appear in court… When their magic incantations fail, they become a bit belligerent.


3 thoughts on “Another Sovcit ends up in jail

  1. Hochstetter explains why he is trying pro-se.

    No victim… No crime… Sure my friend, that’s the first problem. No contract… That’s the second problem.

    You violated a statute and the State is representing “We The People” as those who were harmed by Scott’s activities.

    Not that I support making Marijuana growing illegal but that is irrelevant to Scott’s case.

    He fell for poor advice and is now suffering some dire consequences.

  2. Yes, and it shows how poorly informed these sovereigns tend to be when it comes to issues of jurisdiction, and court room procedures.

    This is not my name… Never works for long and lying in the courtroom is never well received. Instead of facing time for marijuana, he is now in jail for criminal contempt and facing additional charges related to his arrest in the court room.

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