P&E – What the heck? Retiree to file lawsuit against Obama if Walt’s verdict is not vacated

P&E: Retired Lt. colonel to file lawsuit against obama if verdict is not vacated

This is just plain foolishness. There is no standing to make such demands and the Judge will wisely ignore the grand standing. Remember that this is a State issue, not one that involves the federal government.

Walt was duly indicted and convicted by a jury of his peers on two counts. If there are any reasons to have the verdict vacated, then there are proper channels through which to file such motions or appeals. However, having a private citizen make ‘threats’ which have no teeth, is not one of them.

Fascinating… I can’t wait to read more about this, however the information is behind the P&E’s “pay wall”.

And while the Good Colonel may hope that the Tennessee Judge will be impressed, it is unlikely that the independent State Government will take him seriously…


2 thoughts on “P&E – What the heck? Retiree to file lawsuit against Obama if Walt’s verdict is not vacated

  1. From behind Roodo’s wall august 6th, there is this apparent attempt to extort or blackmail the judge:


    Update, 5:14 p.m.: An email from Col. McConnell reads:

    Be advised that absent a call from Tennessee by 10 PM tonight Chapter One of Book 15 will go up overnight from the Pacific Rim. It is titled AMERICA STANDS and casts a certain judge in a different light.

  2. Well McConnell has never been very effective in his ‘threats’ and I see no reason why the Judge would pay ANY attention to his musings.

    If McConnell believes that Obama murdered 2000+ people, then he should file a complaint, which will never make its way through the courts.

    Using such empty threats to force a judge to overrule the Jury is somewhat hilarious in its contempt for our laws and Constitution.

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