FOIA – Harry Bounel – No such name

Orly has received a response from the Social Security Administration that they have been unable to find any records for Harry (Harrison) Bounel. Remember how Orly has been arguing that the SSA had located his records, and that they matched the records of President Obama, when in fact, the FOIA response indicated that they could not release the information because the SSN in question belonged to a living person? Well, now we know that the SSA indeed does not have a record for the mystery guest. The FOIA request information was returned on June 15, 2014.

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2 thoughts on “FOIA – Harry Bounel – No such name

  1. I probably should have been more specific about which comments to review at that Birther Report link.

    The very first comment in the comments section (by “clint8”) and it’s replays is the one I thought would find interesting. The comments by “guest” sound like they are from one of the Birther “experts”.

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