Educating the Confused – Two felony convictions without a police report?

The P&E has a strange article on its website where it announces that the jurors in Fitzpatrick’s case are unwilling to speak to the ‘press’. Why anyone would feel compelled to speak to the P&E is beyond me, but rest assured the jurors have no duty to speak to the press.

What caught my eye was the, probably rhetorical question “two felony convictions without a police report”.

Let’s see if I can help out the P&E understand how the legal system in our country works:

  • A complaint is filed
  • The complaint is forwarded to the Attorney General
  • The Attorney General decides if to present the complaint to a Grand Jury
  • A Grand Jury indicts
  • A court and jurors are presented with the case and pronounce verdict

In Walt’s case, it is likely that the complaint went through the presiding Judge who forwarded Jeff Cunningham’s information to the Attorney General, who asked his investigator, Calvin Rockholt, to look into the matter. When sufficient foundation was uncovered to present the case to a Grand Jury, the AG  did so using the testimony of Calvin Rockholt, and the Grand Jury returned its indictments.

A petit jury found Walt guilty of two counts and not-guilty of one count.

No police reports are needed, although that is one way to get one’s complaint heard in court.