MD – Taitz v Colvin – Second try

Orly is desperately trying again to get her doomed case back on track. After the SSA clarified that it had nothing of relevance for Orly, which Orly misinterpreted to mean that they had found Bounel’s records, the Court dismissed her case. Orly is now ‘arguing’ that the Judge should have recused herself as she is an appointee of President Obama. Good luck with that. Also, she claims that these are newly discovered facts, even though Dr Conspiracy has document that Orly knew about this in early 2014. Orly’s quixotic quest is continuing but with no hope that her case will be resurrected.

07/21/2014 43 MOTION to Reopen Case; Motion for recusal; Motion to transfer case; Second Motion for reconsideration by Orly Taitz (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2)(jf2, Deputy Clerk) (Entered: 07/22/2014)