Walt in Kitsap

Walt seems to have a rich history ‘pissing off’ people. This incident around the Tracyton port has quite a story however this newspaper report captures the essence of Walt.

Outside, Fitzpatrick sidled up to Mooney as the commissioner read a note calling the meeting open and then closed for lack of a quorum.

Fitzpatrick tried to talk over him, proclaiming that Mooney was out of order.

“You need to back off,” Mooney said. “I’m going to move over there. If you follow, you’re assaulting me.”

Fitzpatrick hung back as Mooney walked across the library’s scraggly lawn.

“Circle the wagons,” a member of the public called out.

About 10 Tracyton residents, many of whom live down the hill from the library, circled around Mooney, turning their backs on Fitzpatrick.

Mooney then said that once Keenan returned, they would hold a special meeting, tentatively scheduled for Aug. 27.

“I hate to do that to someone, but he brought it on himself,” one of the residents later said of Fitzpatrick.

Walt managed to rally together citizens to oppose him

Maybe future improvements will have a plaque on it for Fitzpatrick, Mooney said, although it won’t bear his name. But it might have a statement that he’s used to conclude several e-mails on the port: “Here endeth the lesson.”

Source: http://web.kitsapsun.com/redesign/2003-08-16/local/231603.shtml

Here endeth the lesson. Did Walter never learn?