TN – Appointment Order Foreperson Grand Jury

Walt has made a big deal out of finding out that not all forepersons have an appointment order.

First of all, there is nothing in the laws or rules that require an appointment order. In fact the courts have ruled that the administration of the oath required by statute to be taken by the foreperson is in effect the appointment.

Record evidence of appointment 1. The administration the oath required by statute to taken by the foreman of the jury is in effect the appointment and a statement in the record that person was sworn as foreman necessarily implies his appointment such by the court. Woodsides v State 3 Miss 655. To same effect Bird v State 2 Miss 247 2. Although the better practice require it, it is not usual in all to enter the appointment of the foreman upon the minutes of the court and If an Indictment is indorsed, the foreman returned to the cour,t properly filed and transmitted the fact that the appointment of foreman was not entered upon minutes of the court Is not material. Peo v Roberts 6 Cal 214 and for Tennessee, State v Gouge 12 Lea 132.


Evidence of Appointment The record showing that a grand jury was impaneled and sworn may be silent as to who was appointed foreman by the court. In such case the record showing an indictment was returned into court, endorsed a true bill, and signed by one of the jury as foreman, in the absence of plea in abatement to the regularity of the finding and to sustain the plea, is sufficient evidence of the appointment of such foreman State v Gouge 12 Lea 132 State v Collins 6 Baxt 151 152