Failed reporting – Walt and Sharon…

The Post and Email writes:

During the trial hearing on Monday, Cunningham admitted to abusing the power of the foremanship and made several inconsistent statements, including that he was not actually “threatened” by Fitzpatrick.

Did he admit to abusing the power or did he state that he believed that he had the power to reject Walt’s filings? As to not being threatened, that’s perhaps why they did not find Walt guilty of the other charges? Extortion and perjury however do not require threats… Poor Sharon, totally unfamiliar with what happened hear and the relevance of the various statements. As to ‘inconsistent statements’ such do not amount to perjury necessarily. When Walt took the Grand Jury papers last year and was found guilty for that offense, the courts explained the laws of TN as they pertain to the foreperson of the Grand Jury. Some people just never learn.

Grand juries and trial juries have been tainted for decades with the appointment of the foreman by the criminal court judge, which Blackwood said is not a problem. State law mandates that a grand jury comprise 13 individuals chosen by random, “automated means.”

That is incorrect, the rules clearly state that the 12 jurors are selected at random and that the foreperson is appointed by the Judge from the community at large.

It’s this kind of ignorance that has gotten Walt in trouble the first place, one would have hoped that his friends would at least have corrected his ignorance. Alas…