Daily Post Athenian – Fitzpatrick guilty on 2 charges

The fourth and final petition Fitzpatrick turned in came in December 2013 and Cunningham said he asked all grand jury members to stay and hear the presentation. In this petition, Fitzpatrick called for the arrest of several local public figures, including Cunningham, for various charges.

“We couldn’t please the man,” Cunningham said.

Fitzpatrick attempted to submit a couple more petitions to the grand jury this year, but Cunningham said that he didn’t allow those to go forward. When questioned by Irion about not allowing those petitions to make it to the grand jury, Cunningham said “his rights had been met.” He said that Fitzpatrick had been there four times and every time it was found that his claims were not “tryable or indictable.”

“No jurors found him credible,” Cunningham said.


Source: Daily Post Athenian