Orly fails again…

No real surprises really….

Attorney General – Open Primary
22353 of 22353 Precincts Reporting – 100%
Max Winners=2
Name Party Votes Vote %
Harris, Kamala (i) Dem 1,584,800 53%
Gold, Ronald GOP 380,642 13%
Wyman, Phil GOP 344,458 12%
King, David GOP 267,409 9%
Haggerty, John GOP 246,238 8%
Taitz, Orly NPD 92,995 3%
Jaech, Jonathan Lib 70,756 2%

2 thoughts on “Orly fails again…

  1. Since AG Harris got more than 50% does she have to run in November? (Remember our friend, the new judge in San Diego.)

  2. Yes, in the California version of an open non-partisan blanket primary, the top two finishers square off in November regardless of party or the percentage of the vote accumulated in the primary.

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