NY Common Law Grand Jury – Crossing the line?

The good news is that, as predicted, the June 2nd court date was canceled when the Judge ruled that either they pay for the filing or they file in forma pauperis, but as an individual. The ‘knitting club’ did not take this news too well and has now issued a ‘threat’ to the Federal Judge:

BREAKING NEWS – June 2nd Court date canceled read the following two papers for details we will have a special meeting Thursday at 9PM EST to discuss the details. Click on Monday Call for phone, access code and chat room.

POSTED MAY 27, 2014 Federal Court Order to dismiss case and our response with a writ of error and an ultimatum. Take note that in the file Mandamus there is one Mandamus commanding the Federal Court to obey and a second (to be signed by the judge) from the Federal Court to the State courts.
05-23-14 Federal Court Order.pdf
05-27-14 Writ of error.pdf
05-27-14 Mandamus Filed.pdf

The ‘threat’ is:

Attached you will find an order by writ of mandamus from We the Tribunal, that we order you to sign forthwith (24 hours from receipt of this writ and returned overnight). If you fail to do so you are to set a date immediately (within 8 days of receipt of this writ) and We the Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury shall assemble at the courthouse to hear your cause and will determine for you the consequences of your action.
As if a Federal Judge is going to take the ‘knitting club’ seriously. Again, the ‘knitting club’ has totally failed to understand the law, the rules and procedures.
Par for the course… So clumsy, they dropped a few stitches and appear to have been woefully short on yarn. The are planning a Thurday call-in to discuss these ‘unexpected’ turn of events…