Operation American Spring – Prayer Service

Sunday morning ‘prayer service’… Poor souls, believing that God has somehow blessed the US.. Not much seems to be happening…


5 thoughts on “Operation American Spring – Prayer Service

  1. “Poor souls, believing that God has somehow blessed the US”
    Well, we _did_ get blessed with birfers, so we can indulge in smug superiority and and schaudenfreude without having to pay for premium cable to watch reality shows.

    But, seriously: if you believe in the sort of deity they claim to, the remarkable number of favorable circumstances we enjoy, and the remarkable number of reasonably-foreseeable consequences for some of our screw-ups we’ve avoided, make that conclusion pretty much inevitable.

  2. ROTFL Roxy… Yes, and hates the OAS… 😉

    Of course, the “true believer” will argue that God has ignored the OAS for a reason…
    Always a safe bet…

  3. Today, Friday, one week from the start of OAS, I count 14 participants. They had some major blowup the day before, involving some Texas militia pulling guns by mistake on a guest at the Bull Run campground. The Texans were expelled, not for assault with deadly weapons, but because they had also supposedly invited prostitutes into the camp.

    Today most of the die hard regulars are gone. Wiley Drake is flying back to California. They did not bring out the signs that were visible on Thursday.

    Here is the only video I have been able to find for today so far. It shows a “Sov Cit” giving his fractured account of history to the assembled masses. Harry Reilly claims there are about 1000 on site. Judge for yourself.


    Search for “Home Churches International and The USA” which is the product of “Pastor Bland”.

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