Day 2 American Spring

I had totally forgotten about the tens of millions marching on towards the Capitol. The news has been largely non-existing and no surprise given that at best a few hundred showed up. These ‘patriots’ are confused why no-one showed up. Remember that Riley had claimed that they had already 1 million people signed up… Ah, the smell of fresh tea brewed in the morning.

Some more news:

“I’m so fed up with the tyranny I sold my jet ski,” says American Spring protestor in D.C.: 


2 thoughts on “Day 2 American Spring

  1. Speaking of OAS streaming…

    Did you know that our buddy, the Madisonville Turncoat (A.K.A. Carl Swensson) was the person who set up live streaming of the OAS Event on the home page? With a competent hand like Carl at the helm, OAS might hope for a successful streaming experience to present the movement in a good light so as to generate interest and to get some more traffic into DC in the coming days.

    Notice there are 2 streaming outlets on that page, one for “OAS HQ (FWD)”, the other for “OAS Mobile”,

    I don’t think you will be entirely surprised to hear that neither of these has been functioning. On Friday “The Big OAS Day”, one of them flickered on for a few minutes, but without audio. Otherwise they have been totally dark.

    Once again Carl has screwed the people that he claims (or pretends?) to support.

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