Darren Huff’s text messages…

Darren not only loves to talk, but also loves to text…

MR. THEODORE: And then I’ll just read them in order there as they go down, the conversation that’s going on on that Blackberry, the text messages, starting with right alongside here from a Mike Fulmer: “How did today go? Are you still a free man?” “LOL,” I think most people understand as “laughing out loud,” “It went well, and now we’re moving to Phase 2,” and that’s, again, that’s from Mr. Huff’s cell phone, so that’s what he sent.

The next message coming in: “What happened? Did ya do a citizen arrest?” Also coming in to his phone the message, “Did ya pull out the mussell(sic),” a spelling mistake there, but– and, again, that’s coming in to his phone.

The message that Mr. Huff sends from his phone is: “Not today. They released him night before last, so now we’re adjusting days.” Message coming to his phone then from Mr. Fulmer: “So a wasted trip?” Mr. Huff’s message back: “Not at all. We met with the arrested to coordinate with all groups involved.”

So, they met with Mr Fitzpatrick (“the arrested”) to coordinate with all groups involved. Coordinate what?…

Now remember that the Post and Email had ‘argued’

On January 30, 2014, Assistant U.S. Attorney Luke A. McLaurin told a three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that Fitzpatrick and Darren Wesley Huff had exchanged “text messages” to plan a “courthouse takeover” on April 20, 2010. Fitzpatrick has submitted a sworn statement to The Post & Email refuting McLaurin’s claim in addition to stating that he does not use text-messaging with anyone.

Without knowing Fitzpatrick’s response to McLaurin’s statement, Huff also refuted McLaurin’s perjured statement in response to our question posed by email.

Ignoring for the moment that the P&E appears to be less than familiar with the meaning of perjury, we can also lay to rest that the US Attorney had made a false statement. From the audio I captured the following statement

If you listen to the exchange (around 32:00) , you will hear that the statement is that “he had gone up to Madisonville, he consulted with Fitzpatrick, he sent text messages back saying no we did not conduct a citizen’s arrest today”

It seems that all this is supported by Darren’s text messages. Why noone took the time to actually research what the AG had actually said and what the evidence showed, is unfortunate but has hopefully been corrected now.