The ‘Madisonville Hoax’ and ‘who reported what’?

Much has been made about the fact that 3rd party concerned citizens contacted the Madisonville police about plans to take over the court house. We have even heard from some who believe that what happened in Madisonville was some sort of a ‘hoax’.

What few have reported on are the reports by the bank teller and other witnesses. Remember how Darren Huff had gone to visit his bank a few days before the Madisonville event and had made certain statements that had caused concern? Well, the teller testified in court.

From the testimony from the bank teller, Ms Dupree,  we learn that one of the grand jury members thanked her:

“For actually doing something about the situation and not just blowing it off”

Source: Huff Trial Testimony-10/19/11 (Dupree-Cross) page 19

Ms Dupree testified that:

A. He came in on April 15th, and it was right around close, probably five or six o’clock, and I was the only teller up on the line at that point. And he came up to me and just started talking about a trial that was going on in Madisonville, Tennessee, the Fitzpatrick case, and–


He was telling me about the Fitzpatrick case and how him and the Georgia Militia were going to be coming to Tennessee with guns, AK-47s, things like that, to take over the city at nine o’clock April 20th.

Q: So this was very specific as to date and time?

A: Right. It was at nine o’clock.

Q: And as to the particular person in the case, he mentioned that you?

A: Yes.

Q: Fitzpatrick?

A: Right

Q: In the course– well, first, at this time, did this cause you any concern?

A: Yes, very much so.

Ms Dupree contacted someone she knew who put her in touch with the chief of police of Madisonville. She almost immediately reported what had occurred in the bank. This happened on April 15th, 5 days before the event on April 20th.