NY – Common Law Grand Jury – Knitting club attending Court on June 2nd

All people are asked to attend the ‘hearing’ on June 2nd in Albany New York, even though there is, as yet, no case filed, let alone put on the calendar.

If we do not show up in force, they are not going to believe us… ROTFL. Intimidation is no substitute for legal arguments and legal arguments are hard to find amongst the knitting club’s filings.

Since there is no Constitutional right that extends to the State level, State Sovereignty guarantees that each state gets to define its rules as to the need and process for convening a Grand Jury. It is clear that no state provides for something like the NY Knitting Club to be considered a ‘Grand Jury’.

Poor souls, but at least they will be able to finish knitting in time for father’s day 🙂


4 thoughts on “NY – Common Law Grand Jury – Knitting club attending Court on June 2nd

  1. Yeah, the knitting club is getting no ‘respect’. They either pay the filing fee, which allows them to proceed either as a “club” or “individual”, although a pro-se cannot represent the “club”. Or they file in forma pauperis, which means they cannot file as a “club”.

    The judge simply tries to educate them as to the rules of the court and somehow our “knitting club” does not believe that they have to follow the rules.

    Based on a flawed premise they will continue to fail.

    Just to show how flawed?..

    Under their logic it takes a single person to constitute a Common Law Grand Jury, which means that I could start my own “NY knitting club” and indict the other “knitting club”…

    Soon we will see as many “Common Law Grand Juries” as there are people, and it would be all ‘legal’ under the “knitting club’s” logic. Even Scalia did not go that far, but somehow they do not appear to have read the ruling in much detail.

  2. Anyone care to speculate on the odds of a real Grand Jury being empaneled to investigate these nutters?

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