Doug Vogt names ‘forgers’ and totally blows it.

Dr Conspiracy has responded to the hilarious claims by Doug Vogt, where he names those who he believes ‘forged’ President Obama’s birth certificate.

The “forgers” include according to Vogt

  • Miki Booth (not mentioned in the Birther Report article)
  • Johanna Ah’Nee
  • Kevin Davidson
  • Loretta Fuddy
  • Alvin Onaka

It’s fascinating how poorly supported these claims are but what is fascinating is how Vogt has to accuse Miki Booth and Johanna Ah’Nee, both of whom provided birth certificates that undermined Vogt’s claims and therefor had to be ruled to be forgeries as well.

The birthers are crawling over themselves, once again given a little bit of hope that perhaps this time they may be right, but it seems to me that this will all fall apart just like the countless other moments of ‘hope’ for birthers. Is it not funny how hateful most birthers are, while most Obots tend to resort to ridicule and sarcasm, birthers invariable seem to converge on death and rectal functions.

The timing of the release of the document may cause some concern as Mike Zullo is on the record of having stated that Vogt is wrong. Is Vogt trying to steal the limelight from Zullo? Is Zullo’s ‘universe shattering’ announcement overshadowed by other foolish claims? Are we witnessing a split amongst the birthers, with Vogt and Orly on one side and Zullo and his clown posse on the other? Yes, Orly is quick to jump on board with Vogt as her 5 pending lawsuits are not going anywhere, anytime soon and are doomed to failure.

Just when Birferstan was getting so boring…


4 thoughts on “Doug Vogt names ‘forgers’ and totally blows it.

  1. Who is this Zullo person? No one has heard from Zullo for about 3 months.

  2. For laughing at those who deserve the ridicule 🙂

    Come on Enzo, lighten up my friend. The whole situation is quite hilarious. The Clown Case Posse on one side and ‘the Vogt’ on the other side…

    The logic behind ‘the Vogt’ is just not very well developed: Documents that show President Obama’s LFBC is real must all be forgeries…

    Sure my friend, if you are addicted to these kind of conspiracy ‘theories’ then you may be tempted to take them seriously. But even a cursory look exposes them as somewhat poorly developed.

  3. Listen to ‘the Vogt”

    How her name appears on Obama’s COLB

    47 It’s all a play on her maiden name, Ah’nee. The registrar’s stamp is a metal embossed stamp where the inked type is recessed on the paper. Metal stamps do not have errors on the because they are proofed before they are mailed out to the customer especially if the company knows it is going to be used on legal documents millions of times. The embossed registrar stamp is in lieu of the Registrar’s hand signature on the document.

    48 The following is how I believe she put her name onto Obama’s forged COLB. The screen shots are from the photocopy given to the news people at the April 27, 2011 8:48 a.m. White House news conference. The copy I have is from the scan done at 300 dpi. The technique used by her was to either alter or damage the existing letters to point to her authorship by spelling out her last name.

    49 There are five letters in her last name. The “A” and the “e”: She takes the signature of “Alvin” and alters the “A” by placing a condensed-script “E” under the “A” (Figure 17). That takes care of two letters in her last name.

    …… Figure 17. The damaged A with a script E under it.

    …… Figure 18. the “n” with a line across it.

    50. The “n” comes from the “n” in Alvin’s first name. You will notice that there is a small line across the two humps that make up the “n” (Figure 18). These errors do not show up on any other Onaka’s registrar stamps real or forged, only on Obama’s. Figures 19 and 20 show two registrar stamps applied to two other COLBs just 41 and 14 days before it was supposedly applied to Mr. Obama’s COLB but shows no abnormalities what so ever.


    53 My conclusion is that the forger deliberately altered or added letters on Obama’s COLB to spell out her entire last name. In essence she was signing her great work.

    Is that not hilarious

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