van Irion for Judge – Not this time


He received roughly 1/3 of the votes cast. … trict%2010

4 thoughts on “van Irion for Judge – Not this time

  1. The Post & Email article was a hoot. Walter was giving Sharon Rondeau frequent updates from outside the McMinn County court house where people had gathered to hear the results. The article abruptly ended with a 9:45 PM update about the reading of the results from another race and Sharon never bothered to report the results from the race for criminal court judge where Van Irion lost.

  2. Yes, the reporter becomes sloppy when the results do not go her way. Same with the issue of who appoints the foreperson of the grand jury. She has been told many times but is still unable to wrap her brain around it.

    So many problems with or friend… Too invested in Walter and Tennessee.

  3. Either she cannot find the results or she does not like the results.

    A newspaper, it is not 😉

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