Obama’s Public Confession captured on tape


3 thoughts on “Obama’s Public Confession captured on tape

  1. The best way to confess a truth in public is to make a joke of it, so people will laugh at you and dismiss the truth. Obama knows how well it works. He keeps fooling liberals.

  2. HAAA HAAA HA HA HA Ha Ha ha Hee hee. Stop it, yer killin’ me. You think a big slop-bucket of filthy lies told by seditious swine is the ‘truth’. A truth (BHO ‘born in Kenya’) which LITERALLY CANNOT BE POSSIBLE. Man. Too friggin’ much.

    Laughing at you squirrel-bags is such good exercise.

  3. So borderraven, you are a liberal?

    Of course there is no foundation for this to be anything more than a joke at the expense of the ignorant few.

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