Obamacare – Swing states and independents


Dem Poll: Support for Implementing Obamacare Rises in Battlegrounds

The data bodes well for Democratic strategy heading into the midterms in November

Support in battleground congressional districts for implementing Obamacare has increased sharply in recent months, according to the Democratic pollsters at Democracy Corps.

In December last year, amid a contentious rollout and weeks of bad news surrounding the problem-plagued healthcare.gov website, support among likely voters in competitive congressional districts for repealing the Affordable Care Act was 45 percent, slightly behind the 49 percent support for keeping and fixing the law. As of April 2014, support for repeal is essentially unchanged at 42 percent, near the margin of error. Support for putting Obamacare into effect with some improvements is a full 10 points higher, at 52 percent.

Even districts currently controlled by the GOP, support for repeal—46 percent last December, compared to 47 percent supporting implementation—is now 42 percent, a full 11 points behind the 53 percent who support allowing the law to go into effect.

The shift seems to have come via Independents, who have seen a massive swing away from supporting repeal by a 12 percent margin in December to supporting implementation by 7 percent today.


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  1. Interesting stuff. I myself (Australian) Think AFA /Obamacare is a step in the right direction.

    I am however somewhat concerned about our current Prime Minister messing around with our own universal healthcare system. *grrr*

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