MS- Orly v Democrat Party – Response to Motion ….

Orly filed some meaningless documents and the defense is quick to point this out. He worst failure is to quote from the dissenting opinion rather than the ruling. That’s a major no-no in law. Poor Orly realizes that she is losing the case and hopes, by filing nonsense, she can delay the inevitable

Document Number: 110

Docket Text:
RESPONSE to Motion re [109] MOTION for Leave to File filed by Democrat Party of Mississippi (Begley, Samuel)

Plaintiff first requests that the Court take into consideration the dissents (but not the ruling or concurrences) from a recently decided Supreme Court of Alabama case [ECF 105-3]. This case interpreted an Alabama statute (§ 17-14-31(a), Ala. Code 1975) that concerns the Alabama Secretary of State’s obligation to place nominees on the ballot. The dissents that Taitz requests the Court consider are irrelevant to the disposition of any pending motion in this case.

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