NY Common Law Grand Jury – Knitting club meeting in court

The “NY Common Law Grand Jury” knitting club has announced their next meeting to take place in a NY Court Room. They actually believe that they will be heard in court even though there is no statutory foundation for their claimed status of their knitting club. And where statutes exist, common law can no longer exist. Fascinating dissonance.

We are asking all New Yorkers hearing this message to set aside all business on Thursday April 24th to come together as the Unified Common Law Grand Jury in the NY Supreme Court, Greene County Courthouse at 9:30AM for grand jury hearings in open court.

Cases to be brought before the Common Law Grand Jury are:

1) Five New York Chief Executive Supreme Court Judges have been summoned by the extraordinary Writ of Quo Warranto to give account of their stewardship;

2) Chief Judge A Gail Prudenti, Columbia County Clerk Holly Tanner, and Columbia County Supreme Court Clerk Richard Mabee have been summoned by the extraordinary Writ of Mandamus to answer multiple criminal charges;

3) Execution of six (6) true bills;

4) Numerous arrest warrants.

Thursday, April 24th, at 9:30 AM, at the Greene County Courthouse, 320 Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414.

Why they will fail is easily predictable: Under NY Statute they are not a Grand Jury:

N.Y. CPL. LAW § 190.05 : NY Code – Section 190.05: Grand jury; definition and general functions

A grand jury is a body consisting of not less than sixteen nor more than twenty-three persons, impaneled by a superior court and constituting a part of such court, the functions of which are to hear and examine evidence concerning offenses and concerning misconduct, nonfeasance and neglect in public office, whether criminal or otherwise, and to take action with respect to such evidence as provided in section 190.60.



16 thoughts on “NY Common Law Grand Jury – Knitting club meeting in court

  1. Strange that in a country where you are fined (or worse) for jaywalking you can act like that and go unpunished ….

  2. Yeah, there is no punishment for being wrong. Unless of course you act upon your beliefs.

  3. Well, they do: “summoning” people is acting as if they had the legal power to do so. I think “impersonating” is the word for that.

  4. What will actually happen will depend on court security and the stupidity of the NYCLGJ. The “jurists” will turn up and be told there isn’t any such hearing so go away. They will either end up in the local Dennys or the courthouse entrance will turn into a melee with taserings and arrests.

  5. Interesting how someone just saying I cannot accept this filing can cause an emergency “call” and force the cancellation of the CLGJ’s planned affair. Under The New York Court Rules Sect 202.5(d)(1) the court clerk can only refuse to accept a filing under 4 circumstances, as a result of Tilem & Campbell, PC v. Tracy Pardo, Chief Clerk, Civil Division, et al. Yet still they managed to hit one of those 4 exceptions.

    Of course, they did show me that showing them every courtesy, not interrupting them when they talked over me, patiently listening their threats of federal prison and even making phone calls on their behalf, even when I knew what the result of said calls would be, is a sure sign that I was nervous and afraid. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be polite.

  6. Of course they had no patience with you. Of course they talked over you. Of course they ignored your ‘filings.’

    That’s because you folks are unhinged. Around the bend. Deranged. Mentally defective. Three beers short of a six-pack. There is no such thing as a Common Law Grand Jury. It’s your fantasy onanistic tiddly-winks club. No more serious than Bigfoot hunters and Moon Landing Deniers, and a lot less entertaining.

    We the People? More like We the Whiny Babies who Lost an Election and are now trying to make up new rules after the fact.

    Go sulk somewhere else and quit bothering the grownups.

  7. Gee, Tom

    “Of course they had no patience with you” Okay

    ” Of course they talked over you” Uh-huh

    ” Of course they ignored your ‘filings.’” Time Out!

    If you actually glanced at the caption of the latest ‘filing’ you would see that it is AGAINST me, not BY me.

    No matter how foolish your adversaries are, the bigger fool is the one who just ignores their actions.Who knows, those monkeys with typewriters may put out some actual prose. Hoe ridiculous it was for me to think there might be some interest in what really occurred in Columbia County during the last week of March.

  8. On behalf of the readership at NNBCE, I’d like to extend an apology to Richard for Thomas’s lack of comprehension. You are certainly welcome here, and we are definitely interested in your first-hand experience with these whack-jobs.

  9. Umm… oops? Please accept my apologies as well. I thought you were supporting the “CLGJ” pinheads. It was late when I read your post. I completely misunderstood. Mea cupla. And thanks to WKV for alerting me to my error.

  10. Question of Clerk Mabee: Were the State Police and/or Sheriff on standby for the arrival of these nutcases on Thursday? Can I assume the other Sheriffs and State Police barracks in NYS have been notified to BOLO?

  11. We only had court house security present when they arrived to file (which was plenty). In Columbia County that means the Sheriff’s Department. The ‘jurors’ were civil, if intolerant of opinions other than their own. They asked the Sergeant in charge if he “believed in liberty”. His response was “Well….let’s see…..I was awarded a Silver Star in Vietnam, so, yeah, I think I know something about liberty.” After that they were no trouble at all.

    The timetable for dismissal was as short as expected. On April 18th, Judge Elliott issued a decision & order dismissing the action sua sponte. We should be seeing his Indictment for treason any day now.

  12. Oh, and tomorrow’s event in Catskill NY is now off. Probably because the judge or any of the ‘players’ won’t be there.

  13. @Richard Mabee

    I too thank you for providing these updates. I am surprised to hear that these crazy folks are in NY. TN I can believe but NY is a surprise.

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