Rodney Class – The courts have rules

In a somewhat hilarious development, Rodney Class has figured out that the Federal Courts have rules, and that there are even local rules.

On the Friday Night Call (4.11.14) Rod emphasized the importance

of the Rules of Evidence in court cases and court proceedings.

Especially in light of his DC Gun Case.

Rod went and found the Rules for 3 states. They are pretty much the

same with a few exceptions. Look for your states’ Rules to be sure !

Rod wants everyone to know that getting the RULE Books
(long versions with annotations, if possible) is of Paramount Importance
so you can rebut the contentions made by those moving against you with
Motions, Orders, etc. !

Here are those Rules for Maine, North Carolina and Ohio:

Seriously? He did not figure this out until just recently?

I hope that he understands that he should be looking at the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure since the Civil version does not refer to a polite alternative but rather to suits outside of the criminal justice system.

OMG, did Rodney get his hands on state rules rather than federal rules? Really?… Someone help the guy…

And yes, one can submit statutes but there is no need to fully cut and paste them as it is sufficient to quote the relevant parts or refer to the actual code. What Rodney does not appear to understand that quoting a code, statute or amendment is not sufficient to raise a claim.


6 thoughts on “Rodney Class – The courts have rules

  1. nbc, have you ever been told that most of your posts have no links to the things that you are referring to ? These posts are useless for your readers.



  2. Sometimes they do. I get most of Rodney’s info from sources that are note easily referenced, but I will do my best.

  3. Thanks for the effort. But just read some of these posts for yourself -as if you had never seen the info that only you know – and try to figure out what you are reading. Its a puzzle ….

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