DC – US v Class – Next Steps

I had not even noticed, but the court already rejected some filings.

ORDER as to RODNEY CLASS, leave to file is denied as to defendant’s Motion to Discharge Notice of Default Failure to File Entry of Appearance Failure to Follow Procedure Violation of Oath of Office; Motion for Entry of Appearance, Third Party Intervenor; and Motion for Clarification of Parties because they are repetitive of Motions already pending with the Court. Signed by Judge Gladys Kessler on 4/8/2014. (tth) (Entered: 04/08/2014)

The following order sets the stage for the likelihood the Judge is going to grant Class’s myriad of motions.

ORDER as to RODNEY CLASS, defendant, having knowingly and intelligently waived his right to counsel, shall be permitted to represent himself, and the Federal Defender, A.J. Kramer, is appointed as stand-by advisory counsel to the Defendant; no later than 4/15/2014, Defendant shall file any Opposition to the Government’s Motion to Admit Other Crimes Evidence Pursuant to Rule 404(b) of the Federal Rules of Evidence, and Government shall file its Reply no later than 4/22/2014. Jury Trial set for 7/7/2014 at 09:30 AM in Courtroom 26A before Judge Gladys Kessler. SEE ORDER FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS. Signed by Judge Gladys Kessler on 4/7/2014. (tth) (Entered: 04/07/2014)

The only issue the court is interested in is Class’s response to the Government’s motion to admit other crimes. Class has to respond by 04/15/2014. In order to respond efficiently and avoid the motion to be granted, Class will have to find relevant case law and argue as to why the motion would be prejudicial to him. While Class has a stand-by counsel, Rod and his friends are likely to try to put something together themselves.

While they may want to re-argue issues of jurisdiction etc, there is only a limited issue on the table right now.