DC – US v Class – Rules…

Rodney has found out that the US laws and Constitution are ‘admissible’. Wow… Poor soul. Of course, he can submit US laws and Constitution but he cannot interpret the laws and Constitution, that’s the court’s task.

Rodney also ‘discovered’ that they have overlooked the rules and local rules of the Courts.


Now we have the ‘rule books’, this changes a lot of how we deal with them.

Harvey explains why a 3rd party intervenor is applicable even though the court has pointed out that there is no such right to intervene in a criminal case. If they want to follow the rules, then they should first familiarize themselves with said rules.. For goodness sakes, Rod should be focusing on his defense…


One thought on “DC – US v Class – Rules…

  1. It is difficult to focus on your defence when you already believe it to be unassailably perfect.

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