DC – US v Class – When you fail, try more…

Intervenors are not allowed in criminal cases… Geez, those are the simple rules. Now he is trying misprision of a felony or treason. You are reporting a crime as a third party intervenor. He still does not get it…. Poor soul.

The constitution and the Federal Statutes are admissible as evidence… Sure but they need to have any relevance to the case. And the Court is going to deal with issues of law, and interpretation of law. You can file as many statutes as you want, it has no relevance to the case at hand.

New Private Call Wed, 4.10.14

VERY IMPORTANT – All the Third Party Intervenors should >> make
sure that the >> copies of their filings << >> GO TO THE ADDRESSES that
were included on the Proofs Of Service ! << You are alerting those
Agencies, etc. that you are formally filing a SF 95 Complaint against
the named individuals in your Third Party Intervenor paperwork !
You are reporting a Crime ! You are making the Agency aware of the
Crime !

>> LIVE Rod Class / AIB Call FRIDAY NIGHT ! <<
>> Fri, Apr 11, 2014 – 9:00PM EST <<
The Discussion:
Rod’s DC Gun Case Hearing on Mon 4.7.14 !


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  1. “If at first you don’t succeed, stomp your foot on the ground while repeatedly screaming the N-word.”, Old Birther Proverb.

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