DC – US v Class – Hearing

[NBC: This is report from the troops on the ground who report that the trial will start on July 7th.]

There may be a Live Call on Thursday night – 4.10.14……After Rod rests up after the traveling and, hopefully, he’ll  give us a blow by blow description of what went on…

Here’s what we got from him today…

Today’s Hearing went extremely well ! Rod was very pleased that he was able to get as many points as he did as he testified in court.

[NBC: Rod did not testify in court, he presented oral arguments in support of his motions.]

He was well rehearsed and brought up endless reasons that the prosecution didn’t have any reasons to be bringing their action against him.

[NBC: There are no legal reasons as to why the prosecution cannot bring their action in the DC Court]

On the other hand, the prosecution had so little to say in their rebuttal that it was if they didn’t say anything ! \:D/ And, the judge seemed to be aware of their lack of participation ! After the prosecution’s poor response to Rod’s points and allegations,

[NBC: Allegations have no relevance, this is going to be decided on the rule of law which is quite straightforward. Rod will be having his trial…]

the judge didn’t give Rod his 2nd portion of time allotted for him to summarize – She just recessed the proceedings for today after indicating that she would rule on today’s testimony in  a while (probably 2 weeks or so). She also set a tentative date of Monday, July 7th for the Trial… that is, if she decides that the prosecution has enough cause to warrant a trial ! :lol: We’ll have to wait and see what happens between now and then !

[NBC: This does not bode well as it is clear that the Judge is very capable on making up her own mind about Rod’s filings. ]

There were about 20 of our people in court today !:-bd Twice as many as have ever been there in DC ! Thanks for participating in the “justice” system such as it is !

In the meantime, the Third Party Intervenor paperwork from everyone is hitting the court and it may have some bearing on the situation also ! THANK YOU to Everyone who was able to get it filed in to the court ! And, it can STILL be filed in !

[NBC: This is a criminal case… My goodness sakes the 3rd party intervenor rule is for civil proceedings]

The latest scheduled Hearing in DC will now be Mon, July 7, 2014 at The District of Columbia (Federal) District Court  Before Judge Gladys Kessler in Courtroom 26A
>> on the 4th Floor <<

At the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse
Street Address:
333 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001
Phone 202-354-3000