DC – US v Class – Memorandum of points

The prosecution filed its omnibus response, observing that

At a status hearing on February 3, 2013, the government inquired of the Court which motions would require a response. The Court indicated that it wished the government to state its position as to each of the defendant’s requests for relief, but that memoranda of law on each point was not necessary.

The Local Rules of the District Court of the District of Columbia mentions in LCvR 7 (Motions)

(a) STATEMENT OF POINTS AND AUTHORITIES . Each motion shall include or be accompanied by a statement of the specific points of law and authority that support the motion, including where appropriate a concise statement of facts. If a table of cases is provided, counsel shall place asterisks in t he margin to the left of those cases or authorities on which counsel chiefly relies.

(b) OPPOSING POINTS AND AUTHORITIES. Within 14 days of the date of service or at such other time as the Court may direct, an opposing party shall serve and file a memorandum of points and authorities in opposition to the motion. If such a memorandum is not filed within the prescribed time, the Court may treat the motion as conceded.

The Court allowed the prosecution to file its response without the specific points of law and authority in support as the lack of relevance of these motions was painfully clear.