Educating Rodney Class – Entry of Appearance

Class filed the following objection (many of his objections are not based on law but rather on his interpretation of the law)

28. Whereas it STILL stands that the government has never filed a proper Entry of Appearance into this case.

Under LCrR 44.5 of the District Court of the District of Columbia, only the attorney for the defendant must file an entry of appearance. Remember that this is a Criminal and not a Civil proceeding and thus the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure supplemented by the Local Rules apply.

An attorney appearing for a defendant in a criminal case, whether appointed or retained, shall file with the Clerk a notice of appearance on a court-approved form. If a defendant appears without counsel at arraignment, the Court shall set a date and time by which counsel shall enter an appearance or the defendant, after being fully advised of his right to counsel, shall waive such right and elect to proceed pro se.

There is no rule that the prosecution in a criminal case files an entry of appearance, for obvious reasons.