DC – US v Class – Heap of trouble

Rodney Class is in a lot of trouble andhe is starting to realize it. He believes that the Judge is covering up Rodney’s irrelevant filings about what he believes to be violations by the prosecution.

Get a hold of the rule book. Federal Criminal Code and Rules… He got it of Amazon… Imagine that… But he also needs to understand that pre-trial motions have to have some relevance.

He believes that the Judge is covering up evidence of wrong-doing, failing to understand that the Judge is to interpret the law and act accordingly. He believes that all the defendant is to do is to file ‘evidence’ of ‘wrong doing’ and the Judge has no reason to reject such filings and has to dismiss…

If only Rodney would hire a lawyer.

He believes that since he was not Mirandized until much later, all evidence should be suppressed. In fact, what he does not understand is that he volunteered information before he was arrested, which provided the police with sufficient foundation for a search. I doubt that the government will submit anything they learned during the time they talked to Rod as his statements are irrelevant to the case. All they have to do is to show that there was probable cause, and that they found weapons in his car, in violation of DC and Federal Law.

Poor Rodney, he really does not understand how the law works.