NY “Common Law” Grand Jury – Delayed

The Court rescinded the filing of the documents by the NY “Common Law” Grand Jury and the April 7th hearing has been canceled.

Tuesday the 22nd of April is the next date they see as possible.

They were going to see the Sheriff but they could not get their act together but they will be visiting the Sheriff on April 1st. The Sheriff will have some fun with that.

They have “arrest warrants” and “indictments” and they believe that the ‘evil doers’ are afraid. And yes, they are likely concerned by the empty rhetoric and the history of the Sovereign movement with respect to violence.

So the plan is to first ask the Sheriff to ‘arrest’ these people, then the ‘under sheriff’ and if that does not work, perhaps the US Marshall Service may do their bidding.

I predict that nothing will be happening other than a group of people showing up to ‘petition the court’ and being ignored as irrelevant.

Any time soon now, any time soon…

Does NY have any laws against pretending to be an officially sanctioned legal institution? In previous conference calls, people were bragging about the ‘fear’ they were instilling in some, so it would not surprise me if Grand Jury indictments will be handed out soon.

“I cannot see how the Sheriff can not not arrest but we have additional plans we do not want to talk about at the moment. “