The Clown Posse and the non-shattering event

In today’s episode Gallups finally acknowledge that which almost anyone would have ‘predicted’

Gallups fiiiiiinally acknowledged that March isn’t going to happen. But information will be “forthcoming” and “coming soon.” No set date.

I’m hoping, praying for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo and all those guys because it’s tough work, it’s dangerous work, it’s deep and dark work… but they are working. Mike Zullo assured me just yesterday on the phone that it’s going on, it’s going hot and heavy, and there will be some conferences forthcoming, coming soon. We’re not putting dates — I’m not putting dates, I’m not their spokesperson — Mike Zullo isn’t setting a date, they had hoped for the end of March, it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen but it is going to happen soon. So just hang in there.

3 thoughts on “The Clown Posse and the non-shattering event

  1. The whole March “universe shattering” announcement must just be Zullo’s idea of an April Fool joke.

  2. “it’s going on, it’s going hot and heavy, ”

    Obviously, I’ve seen too many caper movies, because the image this conjures up is of Zullo drinking watered-down champagne and stuffing birfer bux into G-strings in a Phoenix “gentlemen’s club”, with a cut to a shot of his briefcase sitting, unopened, on his desk…

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