Rodney Dale Class – Update


His next hearing is on April 7th in DC. And they need as many attendees as possible. I am not sure why they believe that numbers can compensate for the absence of legal foundation, but they seriously believe that the case may be dismissed…

There is no foundation for such hopes as the case is quite straightforward: Ron was arrested after he confirmed that the car he had parked at the Capitol in DC while serving papers, contained firearms.

Rod “passed” the competency test and may represent himself, so the court has taken the necessary step to prevent Rod from raising this on the inevitable appeal.

There are now 25 documents that have been filed but not answered. Expect that the prosecution will file the minimal objections. Rod is hoping that the case is more than just a gun charge, but he fails to understand how serious the case is.

He reminded the Judge how serious the case is, because of the procedural and civil violations… ROTFL. Poor Judge, she found him competent but now she has to suffer the consequences that she has to deal with the ignorance.

Does Rod really not realize in how much trouble he is?

He now tries to argue that the documents were not signed, ignoring that documents filed on Pacer are signed electronically. He also believes that there is no plaintiff. The Judge informed Rod that no complaint, warrant or complainant is necessary for the case to proceed.

Did you read Rule 4, Judge?… A complaint needs to be filed before a warrant is to be issued. Now the Judge needs to educate Rod.