Common Law Grand Jury follies

The Common Law Grand Jury, aka as the NY Common Law Knitting Club, has sent out summons in which they require the ‘accused’ to show up in Court and present their response to the ‘charges’.

Of course, the knitting club has really no legal foundation for its claims and actions and while they insist that those who do not show up will be held ‘in contempt of court’, and that an ‘arrest warrant’ will be issued, there is just no legal foundation for such claims.

The knitting club expects hundreds of supporters to show up and when the Judge enters the Court Room, they will refuse to rise. I guess that the best they have to offer, civil disobedience, which of course immediately provides the Judge with the jurisdiction to have them removed.

A funny bunch of people who realize that they lack legal status and therefore have to act through numbers. But no amount of supporters can overcome the basic legal failings that lie at the foundation of this ‘case’.

You can also listen to their somewhat boring 3 hour conference call recorded on March 14, 2014.

These so called ‘defenders of the Constitution’ deny Constitutional rights to the ‘accused’. Ironic…