DC – USA v Class – Confusion reigns

Poor Rodney does not understand the latest filings [mp3].

Rodney Class was arrested in DC after he had parked his car in a restricted parking area and the police observed weapons inside. They approached Rodney and asked him if he had any weapons in the car and he told them that he had firearms with him. Since he was on Capitol Grounds, he was in violation of the relevant statutes which guide firearms on Federal Property.

He claims that the government was ordered not to cite memoranda of law and that they do not take a legal position. The reality is a bit different. From the filing by the Government I quote:

9. On January 27, 2014, the defendant filed five pro se motions [Doc Nos. 10-14]. At a status hearing on February 3, 2013, the government inquired of the Court which motions would require a response. The Court indicated that it wished the government to state its positions to each of the defendant’s requests for relief, but that memoranda of law on each point was not necessary. The Court also ordered a competency evaluation of the defendant.

The judge realizes that much resources could be saved by not requiring the government to respond to all these irrelevant arguments.

as to taking no legal position

The government opposes any request to strike any of its prior pleadings as there is no basis therefor. The government similarly opposes the defendant’s request to dismiss the indictment. As to the defendant’s request to represent himself, the government takes no position.

Rodney is still confused about title 18 USC 921 and the definition of firearm. Poor soul, someone help him out. Also 28 USC 2255 is claimed to be relevant…

Rodney is trying some new “legal” approaches, but he does not appear to understand the law that well. He has no idea as to how to proceed.

The he is confused about ‘injured party’, ‘sworn statement’, and poor Rodney will find out how the legal system really works. His ‘motions’ are showing how clueless he is. He claims that they are not following their own set of rules and guidelines. Hilarious.

03/07/2014 24 RESPONSE by USA as to RODNEY CLASS re 22 Notice (Other), 23 Notice (Other), 20 MOTION to Quash, 21 Notice (Other) Government’s Omnibus Response to Defendant’s Motions Seeking Miscellaneous Relief (Lallas, Peter) (Entered: 03/07/2014)

Pacer is not showing 14 documents that were dumped in by Rodney Class with totally irrelevant claims.

“We are nailing them under their own guidelines”…

They are falling back on the War Power’s Act etc etc.

Rodney Class will be found guilty unless he gets some real help.

Rodney has been filing SF 95 form… OMG

He filed the documents in countless places but it has no relevance.

He believes that since the government responds by ‘we have no position’ or ‘we oppose’ that they struck a nerve. Does he not realize that the reason they do this is because the Judge will simply deny all these documents.

He still does not understand that the plaintiff is the People, represented by the Government and that the Government will show that Rodney Dale Class was found in possession of a firearm on Capitol Grounds.

Why does he not understand the law? So sad…

He believes that since he was charged when he was not carrying anything illegal, he could not be charged. OMG.