NY ‘knitting club’ files ‘Quo Warranto’

They confuse their ‘Common Law Grand Jury’ with the legally established Grand Jury and believe that they can order the arrest of people who refuse to take them seriously. They believe to be a court as well as a jury…

They do realize that they have no way to enforce their foolishness.

If wrongdoers Jonathan Lippman, Fern A. Fisher, Lawrence K. Marks, Barry Kamins, and Ronald Younkins confess that they have error [sic] and proceed to inform the sixty-two clerks of the court to call upon the custodians of the courthouse to make provisions to receive the sovereign People to their rightful place within the courthouse a reprieve from the said charges against them will be granted. The sovereign People have no desire to seek out and prosecute past wrongdoings, we desire only to look forward and work with our servants to heal our land.


Hilarious, servants, obscure language, they are really getting into this role playing stuff.

I have already exposed some of their claims and references, needless to say, the will continue to remain irrelevant until they can present a legally sufficient argument and prevail.

Their demands?

1) Answer the aforementioned grievances by affidavit under penalty of perjury and not through council.
2) Communicate to all court clerks and judges to stand-down
3) Introduce the Common Law Grand Jury Administrators of each county to the custodian for access to the courthouse for office space and a conference room.
4) Notify New York State comptroller of the transfer of duties and therefore the funds necessary for the expenses Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury Administrators.
5) A written certified copy of your constitutional oath of office, as required by Article VI, Paragraph 3 of the Constitution for the United States and 5 U.S.C. § 3331;
6) A written certified copy of your civil commission as agent or officer of the Government you claim to work for, as required by Article II § 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America and attending legislation;
7) Your affidavit declaring that you did not pay for or otherwise make or promise consideration to secure the office (5 U.S.C. § 3332);
8) Your personal surety bond; and documentation that establishes your complete line of chain of command delegated authority, including all intermediaries, beginning with the President of the United States, or the Governor of the State you claim authority from.
9) These documents should all be filed as public records. See 5 U.S.C.§ 2906 for requirements concerning filing oaths of office. In the event you do not have a personal surety bond, you may provide a copy of your financial statement, which you are required to file annually. Your financial statement will be construed as a private treaty surety bond in the event that you exceed lawful authority.
10) Collateral issues other than the above requests intended to document your personal standing will be addressed separately from this demand.
11) You must provide the requested items within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of this demand.
12) Failure to comply with all the demands of this Writ of Quo Warranto will be an admission that all parties are willful intent engaging in criminal activity against the People and will be interpreted as contempt of court.

And then what? Poor souls… What if these people refuse to join their knitting club, what then?

More about the insidious nature of the ‘knitting club’ can be found here.

The author of the pamphlet is identified by the metadata as John, presumably John Darash of the “National Liberty Alliance”

How the CLGJ will enforce their alleged power remains murky.  Dur­ing an Inter­net radio inter­view, Darash said the NLA would con­tact county sher­iffs about mak­ing arrests; if a sher­iff refused to make an arrest, they would indict him and go to the under­sh­er­iff.  Darash con­cluded with a veiled threat: “Now there is another thing to do, if that doesn’t work.  I’m not ready to speak about that until we are ready to do it.  But it is an atomic bomb, it’s very strong.”

Words words words…


3 thoughts on “NY ‘knitting club’ files ‘Quo Warranto’

  1. Piffle at the Fogbow

    Masters, servants, wrongdoers, BAR council. It’s nothing more than a fun role-playing game, and most of the players know it.


  2. It just might be possible that some different folks show up for their party on 4/7 than the ones they “summoned”. Should be a fun time.

  3. It’s time that the States put an end to these foolish actions of people who do not even abide by our Constitution.
    They ignore for example the 5th and 6th Amendment, fail to comprehend the 1st amendment and fawn over the 2nd amendment.

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