Fitzpatrick arrested again

The Post and Email reports on the inevitable news that Walt has been arrested again.

He was indicted by the McMinn County grand jury with harassment, aggravated perjury, stalking and extortion. He is in jail pending someone paying for his bail.

Walt has been continuing his foolish quest in which he claims that the foreperson of the Grand Jury cannot be appointed by the Judge for consecutive two year terms. His failure to understand the law and the history of the grand jury has already caused him many problems and this one was predictable. Walt had been trying to file charges in the McMinn County grand jury and the foreperson refused to further entertain any of Walt’s ‘charges’.

It is likely that the grand jury decided to hear his claims and rejected them and Walt continued to file more such claims. We surely will hear the rest of the story soon. Walt had also tried to get a restraining order against the foreperson of the grand jury. Did Walt try to get a restraining order so that the foreperson could no longer perform his official duty?

I’d love to hear more about the foundation for Walt’s attempts to get a restraining order issued. The post and email is still claiming that Walt had been convicted by a Court Martial based on invented charges. There is no evidence of such. I have looked at his case in much detail, as have several other agencies and they have all concluded against Walt’s claims.


4 thoughts on “Fitzpatrick arrested again

  1. I’m a birther, but I believe Walter Fitzpatrick is a loon. I heard the recent phone calls where Fitzpatrick is trying to argue with 20 year Tennessee State Attorney. Walter Fitzpatrick isn’t even a lawyer. I could see his points if he were because lawyers advocate their own arguments of the law even if they are wrong but Fitzpatrick isn’t even a lawyer and has no law degree. He even isn’t a paralegal.

  2. Walt has interpreted the laws in various instances in a manner which is at variance with common sense. The best on is where the State Attorney points out the text in the TN Rules of Procedure which Walt quickly misreads to conclude that ‘chosen randomly’ applies to the foreperson and the 12 jurors. If Walt had only looked at the legislative history of the grand jury in Tennessee, he could have saved himself a lot of trouble. Now he appears to be going down the same path he took after his reprimand in the Navy.

  3. Yes, that is Fitzpatrick’s problem. He’s simply not a lawyer. Fitzpatrick may believe what he is reading in the statute as true but as the State Attorney pointed out, the statute has been interpretated by both the legal community and courts to be different than what Fitzpatrick thinks it should mean. Fitzpatrick simply has no case or credibility since has no legal experience or education.

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