Brian Reilly spilling the beans on Zullo

Brian Reilly, who set in motion the “investigation” by the Cold Case Posse has ‘spilled the beans’ on the case. See Dr Conspiracy’s web site.

First of all he places doubt on Zullo’s affidavit, filed with some courts

Mike Zullo was never in attendance at our August 18, 2011 meeting with Sheriff Arpaio or the one-on-one meeting that I had alone with Sheriff Arpaio on August 22, 2011 when I presented a formal letter from the Surprise Tea Party, written by Dr. Corsi and edited by myself, requesting the investigation. Contrary to what Zullo has stated, he did not have any direct personal knowledge of the August 18, 2011 meeting events that he discussed in point #1 of his most recent Alabama Supreme Court affidavit.

Ouch… And then the claim that no County money was spent by the Cold Case Posse? Why was Brian provided with an unmarked police cruiser and county gas key card?

I was given a cased, investigators flat badge, a 2003 unmarked Crown Vic police cruiser, Arizona license number G-669EG, the first “G” indicating a government plate, and a county gas key was also provided. Sheriff Arpaio suggested “Colonel” to Mike Zullo as my title. (I let that pass as it reminded me of Colonel Sanders and his Kentucky fried chicken.)

And Brian confirms that the Cold Case Posse’s members were NOT law enforcement officers…

There was too much potential liability working as a volunteer. The MCSO policies were far too sporadically applied by my superior for my liking. Posse members were subject to possible criminal prosecution if a badge was displayed without proper authority. (Posse members are not law enforcement officers.)

Zullo also appears to have been gullible enough to believe that Monckton could provide the CCP with MI6 protection.

Suddenly, Commander Zullo began to tell us in a seriously hushed tone how Lord Monckton said that he could arrange to have British Intelligence, MI-6 give the Cold Case Posse investigators protection.

As to the verification of Birth that was provided by the State of Hawaii to SOS Bennett?

The Hawaii Verification of Birth verifies that Barack Obama was born within the jurisdiction of the United States and, according to Mr. Zullo’s own November 9, 2012 affidavit, Mr. Obama is therefore a “natural born citizen.”
Game. Set. Match.

So what about the ‘March surprise?

There is no universe shattering evidence. The investigation was supposed to be over after the November 2012, general election.

Game Set and Match. The clown posse has been exposed for what it really always has been…

In the mean time John is having a horrible time with the recent revelations… Poor John, reality has never been kind to him.

It appears Brian Reilly (Arizona Surprise Teaparty) has vented his anger at Arpaio and Mike Zullo of the CCP on Doc C’s blog. According to Brian Reilly, the CCP is a sham:


I have reason to believe this may be a hoax. Please contact Brian Reilly to find if this is true or is Doc C pushing a hoax.

I have checked with Orly where Brian Reilly has posted various contributions and they all match what he has been telling Dr C.

The Birther Report is outraged about the ‘betrayal’… Quite a March Surprise… Expect nothing earth shattering from the Cold Case Posse…


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  1. Mannix (Some believe is a close associate to Zullo) says on BR:

    As I had figured all along. Former disgruntled Cold Case Posse member and turncoat Brian Reilly who used to post here is confirmed a mole for the obots. He has decided to side with Dr. Conspiracy himself and try to derail Mike Zullo and Arpaio’s new revealings coming up. Now I will warn you, there is no actual proof that Brian Reilly wrote this desperate hit piece against Mike Zullo and his investigation.This could be all Dr. Conspiracy’s doing since he has been here the last few weeks in a panic posting excessively due to the upcoming release by the MCSO. What Kevin Davidson needs to do is show actual proof Brian Reilly wanted to post his story at his website in order to set the record straight. If he can’t confirm any of this then it’s another sign of desperate obfuscation.

    Let’s see some proof Doc C.

  2. Still in total shock eh John? Seems you never have been good at doing research

    The Hawaii Verification of Birth verified the information displayed on the Obama birth certificate PDF copy. Unless it can be proven that the state of Hawaii is engaged in fraud, the information on the PDF posted by the White House on April 27, 2011 is valid. It’s time to end the debate about an allegedly forged PDF copy of the Obama birth certificate. The state of Arizona accepted the Hawaii Verification of Birth as legitimate and placed Barack Obama on the ballot in 2012. If you are concerned about Mr. Obama and his politics, and you seek to make a change, using the allegedly “forged” PDF copy of his birth certificate as a basis to make change is foolishness. Promoting an allegedly “forged” PDF copy of the Obama birth certificate may help to sell books and raise donations but it will accomplish nothing else.

    <a href=""Brian Reilly

  3. Again, George, all of the information contained on the Obama LFBC PDF has been verified by the state of Hawaii. Unless the state of Hawaii can be proven to be involved in fraud, the information verified by the Hawaii Verification of Birth is valid. Artifacts, layers, anomalies allegedly discovered on a Xeroxed photocopy that was converted to a PDF are irrelevant when the state of Hawaii officially verified the the information displayed on the PDF document.

    There has been no change in tune on my part, George. I asked for the investigation because of the ongoing questions regarding Obama’s background, the claims made by Dr. Corsi, and my questions about the LFBC PDF displayed by the White House on April 27, 2011. I was simply trying to discover the truth. As it now stands, unless the state of Hawaii is proven to be perpetrating a fraud against the American people, their Verification of Birth verified all of the information displayed on the Obama LFBC PDF. In the words of Dr. Corsi, the birth certificate issue is a political “dead horse.” The Maricopa County Attorney has also declined to go forward on the birth certificate issue for a lack of criminal evidence, not to mention a lack of jurisdiction for his office. He is well aware of the Verification of Birth.

    Do I support the policies and the political agenda of President Obama? No, not at all. But, that doesn’t change the fact that President Obama’s birth narrative as depicted on a PDF file displayed on the White House Website has been verified by the state of Hawaii. That my friend is the reality of the situation.

    Brian Reilly

  4. You said, “There is airtight evidence that the “birth certificate” digital image on WH web site is an outrageous fraud. You know it. I know it.”

    I know of no “airtight evidence” that the Obama birth certificate is “an outrageous fraud.” Likewise, neither does Maricopa County Attorney William Montgomery (a graduate of West Point). You know that and I know that.

    You said, “From what I heard, DOH said they sent docs to “Obama,” but I see no direct testimony that WH image was clearly confirmed by them.”

    The May 22, 2012 Hawaii Verification of Birth for Barack Obama stated in part: “I verify that the information in the copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama that you [Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett] attached with your request matches the original record in our files.” It also proclaimed, “I certify that the information contained in the vital record on file with the Department of Health was used to verify the facts of the vital event.” Alvin T. Onaka, Ph.D., State Registrar.

    The long form Obama BC: “Dear Ms. Fuddy: I am writing on behalf of my client, President Barack Obama. Enclosed please find a letter from my client requesting two certified copies of his original certificate of live birth and authorizing me to act on his behalf in completing this request…….Waiver of the Departments policy would allow my client to make a certified copy of his original birth certificate publicly available ……Pursuant to my client’s authorization, I will be coming to your offices to pick up the copies of the certificates….Judith L. Corley, [Perkins Coie, Law Firm, April 22, 2011]

    You wrote: “…when their own law says docs can be released for matters of compelling public interest. If this isn’t a matter of compelling public interest, I don’t know what would be.”

    As stated above, two certified copies were requested and provided to Mr. Obama, and the Hawaii DoH waived their policy.

    You wrote: ” In any case, he’s not even natural born by his own claims of a foreign father and forged BC “confirming” that.”

    George, I made the request for the investigation about the legitimacy of the LFBC, not eligibility. A “forged” document would also confirm nothing.

    You wrote: “Brian, you’re starting to sound like the obots.”

    To be an Obot would mean that I support Obama. I don’t support Mr. Obama. I am also not a Birther. To be a Birther would mean that I would have a political agenda regardless of what the truth would unveil. One of the possible “Obots” that you may also refer to is a Kevin Davidson. Does he blindly support Obama? I have no idea. Speaking what I believe to be the truth, he blew the lid on the false information about race codes presented at the MCSO July, 17 2012 press conference. Birthers reacted and attacked Davidson but apparently didn’t investigate what the man revealed. Is Davidson an “Obot” because he revealed the truth? How impartial is this investigation?

    All sources of information should be reviewed to develop evidence. To not investigate all sources of information truly is “nonsense” and not an efficient way to discern the truth.

    The Hawaii Verification of Birth for Mr. Obama for all practical purposes ended the long form birth certificate investigation.

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this on an open forum with me and I appreciate your willingness to present a view contrary to yours.

    Brian Reilly

    See above

  5. Brian Reilly’s thoughts seem old and outdated. A lot of new information has come out. I would love to know Brian’s opinions or thoughts on some of that information. Some of the new things are:

    Reed Hayes Report

    Obama born in Kenya Pamphlet

    Loretta Fuddy’s death

  6. All irrelevant as to the veracity of his account. Why are you so desperate my friend?

    The Reed Hayes report was not written until after Brian had left the Cold Case Posse. The “Obama born in Kenya” pamflet has no legal value. Loretta Fuddy’s death is unfortunate but again does not undermine his claims and observations.

    Poor John

  7. fortunately for birthers, Brian’s information is old and outdated. According to the CCP, a ton of more information has come out that Brian has no idea or insight into. It is now the CCP’s responsibility to release that information.

  8. If Obama’s father had been named Alphonse St.Germaine Obama, the “pamphlet” would be a bit more convincing. But no. The President had a father named Barack Hussein Obama, and HE was born in Kenya. Apparently no one could ever have just made the mistake of confusing the birthplaces of two people with the same name, however. No way. Nuh-uh. Couldn’t happen.


    Maybe you missed where the Selective Service VERIFIED Obama’s Registration.

    You’ve Got Nothing. Like We’ve Seen Before.

    Man, I know you ain’t no shepherd, but wake the flock up. And notice nobody is bothering to convince Reilly that he should support the President. That is irrelevant to the “eligibility issue,” so-called. If he were to ask me why I support our President, why I pray for his success as it is the lodestar of ours. But if he never develops a positive view of Obama, I still applaud and congratulate Reilly for being man enough to admit that he is at the very least eligible to be the recognized leader of the free world.

    Maybe it’s time for you to join him. Accept that the president is the president.

    We won’t try to make you say you like the guy. Honest.

  9. JY has no idea if what he says is true. In fact, John is blindly speculating as he cannot accept that which we already knew: The CCP is nothing more than a club of clowns whose investigation was rudely interrupted by the discovery of the Xerox as the forger.
    The CCP will release nothing new… Mark my words.

    Brian Reilly is silent on the Selective Service Forgery.

    There is no evidence of such forgery… Sigh… Poor John is going totally delusional.

  10. He is silent on the JFK conspiracy as well… It has no relevance, as there exists no evidence.

  11. His Selective Service registration was verified by the Selective Service Administration in February and August of 2008. An image of his SSR card was released to the public in October, 2008. That’s during the Bush Administration. President Obama’s SSR card has a 10 digit Document Locator Number (DLN) stamped on it. Other SSR cards from the same Post Office, from the same time period (July/August, 1980)have similar 10 digit DLNs.

    Date – JUL 31 1980 DLN – 0897 080 653 (Darrel Oniwa)
    Date – JUL 29 1980 DLN – 0897 080 632 (Barack Obama)
    Date – AUG 02 1980 DLN – 0897 080 613 (Bruce Henderson)


  12. So you accept that it was Brian Reilly… And so we have to trust your ‘reliable sources’ more than him?

    You are hilarious my friend.. In full panic mode.

  13. Roxy is correct… John being in full panic mode shows how close our friend Reilly must be to the facts.

  14. It’s great that it was the Bush administration’s Selective Service that verified the authenticity of Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration and it was conservative Republican Secretaries of State in Arizona (Bennett) and Kansas (Kobach) who asked for and received Certified Letters of Verification for President Obama’s original long form birth certificate from the Hawaii Registrar along with verification of the scanned image.

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