Dr C – Breaking news: Taitz SSN gambit crashes and burns

A poster going by the name Rickey has posted the final nail in the coffin of Harry Bounel, who had been identified by Orly as the true owner of President Obama’s SSN.

The facts are that Harry Boymel (not Bounel) has a SSN 080-18-6078 which is nothing close to President Obama’s SSN.

Will Orly inform all the courts of her mistakes?

Source: Rickey at Dr Conspiracy


6 thoughts on “Dr C – Breaking news: Taitz SSN gambit crashes and burns

  1. Is Orly upset?

    Obama’s operatives are getting nervous, making up things, my data was crosschecked by different investigators in different countries, using different databases. Nice try boys, but it is time to end the charade, you will pull others down as well and will take them to prison with you

    Poor Orly, not really good at taking defeat, even though it happens to her so regularly.

  2. Wow, all this wasted effort and court time on Orly’s part chasing down a guy who doesn’t exist based on one erroneous error in a database known to be full of errors.

  3. And that is probably the best of Orly’s efforts. Gives you an idea about the level of failure by our dentist friend.

  4. Nervous about what? Orly is going to fail as usual, and there is nothing out there of any relevance. The Cold Case Clown Posse is going to sizzle as well.

    How many more times do these people have to fail before they ‘get the message’? They are wrong, wrong wrong.

    Orly’s latest ‘filing’ shows her lack of legal acumen and reading comprehension skills. Orly always makes for a good read and laugh.

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