BREAKING UPDATE: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office DENIES Detectives Are Working On Criminal Ancillary Investigation Related To Obama Birth Certificate Probe

So Mr Zullo, any explanations?….

Earlier this afternoon, Arizona’s Politics received confirmation from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that it had two detectives working on a criminal investigation related to the 2 1/2-year long probe into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. A spokesperson for Sheriff Joe Arpaio now tells Arizona’s Politics that his information was INCORRECT, and that birth certificate lead investigator Mike Zullo “was incorrect”.

MCSO Lt. Brandon Jones states that he “was misinformed” when he had confirmed the information earlier. He now states that “The detectives are not working on anything regarding the birth certificate. Not even surrounding. Mr Zullo was incorrect, they are working on other sensitive cases not even related.”

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PS: Note the Mr Zullo… Not ‘lieutenant’ or any other inflated descriptions. At least the spokesperson knows that posse members are not law enforcement officers under Arizona statute.