Walt oh Walt – “My life is being threatened”

Poor Walt, on Friday January 31, 2014, he called the McMinn County Sheriff’s office, to talk to their internal affairs officer to report that he had been ‘threatened’ by a Federal attorney and that his ‘life had been threatened’.

His first contact finally interrupts Walt’s monologue to inform him that she is a jailer and that he should talk to the front office. Why is it so hard for Walt to introduce himself without going off on a long rant? She connects him to the front office and Walt starts again with his demands and his monologue…

What did the attorney do? He mentioned Walt during the Darren Huff appeal hearing and Walt is annoyed that the attorney used his name and now wants to report that somehow his life has been threatened. He was named publicly of having been part of a plan to take over the court house. Walt was called a criminal participant in a conspiracy to take over the Madisonville court house on April 20, 2010. He insists that ‘his life is at risk’ even though he does not explain why.

The Sheriff has been named in a criminal complaint for failing to act… I kid you not.

He informs them that he expects them to schedule a meeting and informs him via email, by the end of the day. He starts a minute long monologue and then insists that the receptionist repeats back to him what he has just said. She informs him, in a somewhat annoyed manner ,that he has been talking for ten minutes and that she is not going to repeat what he has said, and that in fact, she is not even responsible for making appointments. ROTFL, Walt wasted all this time talking to someone who is not even making the appointments.

Poor Walt is trying to command the receptionist to schedule a meeting for him, but his manners lead to her hanging up on him when he wonders if she understands the English language…

Walt is insisting that he will be recording the conversation, and if they do not allow this, don’t bother to make the appointment. Well, that’s simple… Poor Walt is making demands and expects a response.

“This is extremely serious. I am under threat by the US government, the FBI”

Poor Walt is totally losing track with reality. Of course, Walt will only see this as evidence of further criminal conduct.

He is upset that the foreperson of the Grand Jury turned him away for wanting to report for the umptieth time how the foreperson is involved in criminal activity…

“Have you filed a report on this Sir”.. Walt goes off on another rant about him filing reports. Have you filed a written report about the incident? Nope, I will do this next week when I present myself to the internal affairs officer.

“Do you have a written report on this event already?” “Yes…” But not really, because the event he is complaining about happened the day before. He has filed a ‘written criminal complaint’ and Jeff Cunningham (foreperson of the Grand Jury) turned him away, the Sheriff’s department refused to take him seriously which is why he is naming them in his ‘criminal complaint’.

“If you don’t understand the English language…. Well she hung up”

Please someone out there, help Walt, at this rate, he may find himself doing something foolish once again.

As to the statements made by the Federal Attorney, they are made in Court and are thus protected speech. Walt may want to report all he wants but he lacks any foundation for doing so. Furthermore, it is unclear how the statements made by the Attorney General could be construed to be a ‘threat to Walt’s life’.

I am tempted to make a transcript of this phone call, it’s just too funny for words.

Walt recently published his next complaint

I am demanding the immediate arrests of actively licensed Tennessee Attorney Jeff Cunningham and Sheriff Joe Guy. Both men are responsible for nurturing and provoking ongoing threats against my life in this community of Athens, Tennessee.

You can demand all you want Walt, but that is not going to mean that anyone is going to take you seriously. There is no evidence that either party is responsible for nurturing or provoking any threats against Walt’s life. The foreperson of the Grand Jury is refusing to have the Grand Jury be exposed to more of the same failed arguments and the Sheriff? Well, I am sure he has better things to do. Fascinating how anyone who is unwilling to take Walt seriously is quickly named in ‘criminal complaints’ of limited legal value. Sounds a lot like Walt’s behavior after his court martial.


I plan to make another attempt to present the results of my investigation and allied criminal complaints to the McMinn County Grand Jury during its announced 18 February 2014 Term. Cunningham is announced as the foreman. I request here and now a Athens Tennessee police officer escort to ensure my safety, to ensure Cunningham makes no contact with me and to witness the day’s events.

Why would a police officer want to avoid Cunningham from participating in his legal function as the foreperson of the Grand Jury. Walt is convinced, against evidence, that somehow such forepersons cannot be appointed by the Court from amongst those who are qualified. Instead, he has interpreted Rule 6 to require that the foreperson is selected randomly, just like the jurors, even though history, precedent and English grammar contradict his position. Given Walt’s unfortunate incident in which he interrupted a Grand Jury Meeting and tried to ‘arrest’ the foreperson, I’d argue that Cunningham is far more likely to need a police escort.