Walt making friends with the Sheriff’s office

Walter Fitzpatrick believes that the United State’s Attorney somehow threatened his life when he mentioned Walt’s name in passing during a hearing in the case of US v Darren Huff. Walt decides to call the McMinn County Sheriff’s office to make an appointment with the internal affairs officer(s). It is not clear why Walt wants to talk to these internal affairs officers… He is upset that the foreperson of the Grand Jury no longer wants to deal with Walt’s attempts to have his case reheard and Walt is blaming the Sheriff for not intervening… Just because Walt believes, against the evidence, that Cunningham is an illegal foreperson does not mean that the Sheriff has to take notice…

So Walt calls, and a hilarious exchange follows in which Walt does all the talking and achieves nothing.

Walt: The time is zero eight nineteen hours eastern standard time. It’s friday morning, 31st of January 2014. It’s a friday. I am calling the McMinn County Sheriff office at xxxxx to set up an appointment next week with their internal affairs officer or officers.

Ring Ring

Lady #1: Hello

Walt: Hello can you hear me? Good morning

Lady #1: Good morning

Walt: Is this the McMinn County Sheriff?

Lady #1: Yes it is…

Walt: Very good. My name is Walter Fitzpatrick. I live in Athens. My life was threatened yesterday by a federal attorney, a US attorney, in the planning of a domestic terrorist event. My life has been threatened.

Lady #1: Okayyyy

Walt: Listen very carefully. I am recording this telephone conversation by the way. Uhm, I am ill, I am sick today, I find out about this United States Attorney pronouncement last night. I am calling this morning to set up an appointment with the internal affairs officer or officers for the McMinn County Sheriff’s department. I am about to give you my e-mail address, I want this appointment, if it is made, to be uh sent to me uh by email. Again, my name is Walter Fitzpatrick

Lady #1: Sir, Sir, if you will listen  just a minute. I work inside the jail I do not having anything to do with setting up appointments sir, anything like that.

Walt: Okay good enough

Lady #1: Let me try to

Walt: What number

Lady #1: Let me transfer you to the front office and you talk to them, okay?

Walt: Thank you.


Lady #2: Sheriff’s office, how may I direct your call?

Walt: Uhm, I have just been directed to you by I guess one of the jailers. Is this the front office?

Lady #2: Yes it is.

Walt: Good morning

Lady #2: Good morning

Walt: My name is Walter Fitzpatrick. I am calling from Athens Tennessee. I am about to give you my telephone number and email address. I am recording this telephone conversation as well.

My telephone number is xxxxxxx it’s here in Athens. My email address is, and I will go through this a couple of times xxxxxxxx  xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx.

I am calling uh to set up an appointment to meet with the internal affairs officer or officers from the McMinn County Sheriff’s department, some time next week.

uhm, my life was threatened last uh actually yesterday, it took place about this time yesterday by a United States Attorney who has named me publicly as being part of a plan to take over a court house in Madisonville Tennesse 4 years ago. My name came up in a court hearing yesterday and the United States Attorney named me Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick the third, United States Navy criminal participant in a conspiracy that was aimed at taking over a McMinn County correction correction taking over the Madisonville the General Sessions court house, main courthouse, these two court houses over by force of arms, back on the 20th of April 2010. My name was named by a US Attorney, this was the first time that this has come out. My life is at risk. I tried to report this to the McMinn County Sheriff’s department over and over and over again, I tried to report this to the McMinn County Grand Jury, I have been blocked from doing that. So now it is internal affairs. I have named Sheriff Joe Guy in a criminal complaint I have named other officers from your department in a criminal complaint, my life was, and again it is because the Sheriff has failed to act, that this threat continues to exist against me. Now, when this appointment is made, it needs to be made in writing by email. When this phone call is finished I am going to turn off the phone because I am receiving threatening phone calls.

Uh, Sheriff Joe Guy has my business card, so does sheriff, detective sergeant Garry Miller. I have left my business card with your chief deputy as well. I have left my information, my contact information with you. I am also letting you know that when this appointment is made, I will come in with my recorder turned on. I will record what I have to say to the internal affairs officer or officers, I may meet with next week.
If you, the Sheriffs’ department uh, refuse to allow me to record my report to you then don’t bother making the appointment. If you are not going to allow me to, Gary Miller, when I interviewed with him last March refused to allow me to record, well, I am going to record this next meeting, as I am recording this telephone conversation as I said.

If the sheriff’s department refuses to make the appointment because, or refuses to accept my recording, then don’t make the appointment. Just don’t. Uh… I expect that appointment to be made by close of business today, by email. It’s eight twenty six hours now Eastern Standard time, local. Uh this is, this is extremely serious. And I am not going, this is extremely serious. My life has been threatened, I am under threat by the United States Government, the US Attorney’s office, the FBI, this is not my first report of this. I am looking for a constitutional Sheriff to, I don’t know, to do his oath. That hasn’t happened yet. I appeared, I attempted to appear before the McMinn County Grand Jury last week, I was turned away, there were witnesses from the Sheriff’s department who watched that happen. Corporal King, Deputy, uh Tim Davis, your uh uh chaplain, is that right? Uh, yeh Tim Davis, I was seen in the morning by Sergeant Alman, Tony Alman (sp) was there in the morning. There were other witnesses to Jeff Cunningham turning me away, you know, laterally, from the Grand Jury that I tried to present myself to, last week, TOny Alman and Davis and Corporal King escorted the grand jury members out of the court house yesterday so that they could not make contact with me. And it goes on and on. This has got to stop. So, at this point do you have any questions for me?

Lady #2:….No…

Walt: Do you understand what I am asking

Lady #2: ….Yes….

Walt: Could you repeat it back to me so that I am clear that you understand what I am asking?

Lady #2: … repeat that back to you.

Walt: Sorry

Lady #2: There is no way I could repeat all that back to you. You talked for ten minutes.

Walt: No, all I am asking you to do is to repeat back to me my request which is that I have an appointment arranged for me next week with the internal

Lady #2: I can’t do that. I do not set up appointments for anyone

Walt: I am not asking you to set the appointment up, I am asking you to repeat my request so that I understand that you understand what it is that I am asking to have happen. I don’t care who does this. If it’s not your job, ok fine, but I want you, I want to make sure that you understand what I am asking

Lady #2: I understand what you are asking

Walt: to have an appointment made with the internal affairs officer or officers sometime next, the only reason I am not coming in today is because I am ill. It would be wrong for me to present myself in the sheriff’s department. I am ready to hop into my car right now, but I am not well enough to do that and it would be wrong for me to infect anyone in your office and I am doing this only out of courtesy.

This threat occurred yesterday, it took place in uh a federal court room. I was named, again, but this time by a United States attorney. Do you have any questions for me?

Lady #2: Have you filed a report on this yet?

Walt: I, I am filing a report right now. I filed, I have been filing reports against the government now for four years, I’ve got boxes full of documents here that are my reports on what is going on here. I interviewed with Gary Miller last March. Uh, you got information already uh I filed one report after the next, after the next, after the next

Lady #2: Have you filed a written report?

Walt: Yes

Lady #2: From yesterday?

Walt: No, I will do that when I present myself to the internal affairs officers next week.

Lady #2: There is nothing we can do unless you have filed a written report on file with us.

Walt: What’s your name?

Lady #2: I do not have to give you my name

Walt: Okay, fine, you have mine and I tell you that you have a written report on file going to these events already. I have met that requirement. I have met that requirement. It’s in fact because I have met that requirement, that I have named your sheriff, Joe Guy, officially in a written report which was in my hands, in my possession last, well it was tuesday of last week, not this week, tuesday of last week, the twenty first of January, 2014 and my criminal complaint, my written criminal complaint was refused. I have a written report that I tried to file last week, tuesday the twenty first of January. Jeff Cunningham turned me away. Ok? I have filed other written complaints with the sheriff’s department, it’s because you are refusing my complaints and ignored them that I am now. Do you have any questions for me?

Lady #2: You have not filed a written report

Walt: Maam, (raising voice) I just got done explaining to you that I have. I don’t know how else to make the point except if you don’t understand the english language and can’t understand what I just told you, I can’t fix that. Do you have any questions for me?

Well, she hung up…

[NBC: Poor lady. I hope someone reaches out to Walt, he could use a friend.]


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  1. > It is not clear why Walt wants to talk to these internal affairs officers

    For him, it’s a “logical” next step. If the sheriff (usually the cranks’ “last resort” when it comes to claims against the federal government) rejects your crap, you take it to the people who can legally investigate a sheriff – internal affairs. I’m just not sure where he intends to take it when they blow him off. Has any crank tried the Pope yet? 😉

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