Lamb v Obama – AK Supreme Court Arguments

15 minutes of nothing, although Lamb was all over the place

  • Citizen taxpayer standing
  • Taxpayers have a right to know

In other words, there is no standing. Well, that was simple. Poor Lamb, he just wants to know and believes that his curiosity requires the Court to help him.


3 thoughts on “Lamb v Obama – AK Supreme Court Arguments

  1. Just like Robert, this probably makes him feel important. It’s a somewhat strange hobby but it keeps them off the streets.

  2. So these were his proverbial 15 minutes of fame. 😉 Gotta hand it to him, he’s done what none of us has yet been able to – spoken 15 minutes in front of a state supreme court (unlike Taitz where “I spoke before SCOTUS” means she yelled at people from the front stairs of the building ;)).

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