Walt Fitzpatrick – OMG this is so funny

Walt has released an audio tape (recording 28: time 12:13 EST, Tuesday January 21, 2014) in which he is arguing as to whether or not a foreperson has to be appointed from the thirteen randomly selected jurors. He insists that Rule 6 of the TN rules of procedure support him. So the district attorney tells him to get the text. Walt obliges and the following hilarious exchange takes place, and I paraphrase

Walt: See! “The foreperson and the twelve qualified jurors whose names are first drawn constitute the grand jury for the term and shall attend the court until dismissed by the judge or until the next term.”

DA: Yes, the 12 qualified jurors are drawn randomly not the foreperson…

Walt really needs some remedial lessons in English grammar as he made the same mistake with the Grand Jury and the military.


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