Rep Stockman, sore loser…

Low quality congress man Steve Stockton showed a total disrespect for the office of the President and the Institution of Congress when he decided to walk out during President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Now he is back with foolish ideas to impeach the president. Have the nothing to offer that goes beyond vilifying our President and destroying our Nation?

The Blade reports


Just hours after he stormed out of President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) announced he’s considering filing articles of impeachment against the president.

“I’m considering filing Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama,” Stockman announced on a website backing his senate run.
He claimed Monday that he wasn’t “missing in action,” but that he was busy partaking in a House-sanctioned international trip.

However, the House Foreign Affairs Committee said that Stockman’s overseas trip began Jan. 17 and ended on Monday. He didn’t cast a single vote between Jan. 9 and Jan. 28. Further, every other lawmaker on the international trip managed to participate in House votes prior to leaving the United States.

The Texas congressman missed a total of 17 straight votes, including a vote to approve a $1 trillion omnibus spending bill.

He is not even taking his job seriously. He is so obsessed by our President… What an embarrassment… President Obama has been facing a Congress which from the onset has been trying to block any efforts by our President and now they complain that while they are getting their ‘house’ in order, President Obama will lead through executive orders and through initiatives which involve the private sector.

What a bunch of whiny cry-babies… Let’s hope that Texans are smart enough to not re-elect Stockman. Our nation deserves better. And please, let’s hope he files his articles of impeachment, that would guarantee a Democratic majority in the coming elections.


4 thoughts on “Rep Stockman, sore loser…

  1. I’m sure for many Obama was not supposed to be reelected. But now that he has, the only thing the house can do is keep Obama stalled out for the next 3 years until the GOP can get their man in 2016.

  2. Exactly John… So why complain that Obama uses his executive powers to move this country forward when the Republicans refuse to govern and let our nation sink further?

    Of course, the GOP stands no chance in hell to win 2016 if they continue like this.

    But John will remain hopeful, even though his hopes have been shattered countless times.

    Obama was reelected and is our president and if Congress wants to prevent him from doing his job, then congress will reap the consequences.

    So let’s hope Stockman files his foolish charges. That may be the end of the Republican party as we know it.

  3. A delicious thought, but Stockman does not have a chance of being elected this time. You want to know why Stockman does not have a chance of getting elected? Because he is in a Primary Election in Texas in late May. The same week that the entire Texas Tea Party will be in DC demonstrating for Operation American Spring.

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