US v Huff – Appeal Oral Arguments Thursday Jan 30

Did Walt not try to file something relevant to this case? So far the courts are not very impressed, and for good reason. Oh yes, an “emergency writ of mandamus”… Based on some foolish beliefs about how TN law disagrees with Walt’s ‘understanding’

Poor Walt surely sounds as if he is missing the good old days where he was so close to commanding a nuclear aircraft carrier, until that fatal moment…

I am commanding you to recognize this fraud and release Navy Veteran Darren Wesley Huff as an innocent man. I demand and command that Mr. Huff’s innocence be publicly and loudly declared and that Mr. Huff’s name be cleared causing to expunge all government records naming Mr. Huff a criminal in matters related to his case that have come into existence since April 2010.

Huff and Puff in action… Always fascinating. Lots of steam but no power…

12/17/2013 Open Document
Oral argument date set for 9:00 AM Thursday, January 30, 2014. Notice of argument sent to counsel on 12/17/2013. (MCP)