Educating the Confused – Lamb

Lamb has sent a letter to Judge Wingate

What struck me odd recently was after my oral argument at the Alaska Supreme Court, I met a fellow in the elevator at the Alaska Supreme Court who frequents a site called Fogbow. This individual told me that you were going to issue a ruling the 22nd. This was told to me on the 15th.

Or as TexasFilly pointed out

So, in order to bolster the non-issue of an anonymous internet poster having a fictional improper ex parte contact with the Judge, Tom Lamb writes a letter to that same Judge, which constitutes actual improper ex parte contact with the Judge. ](*,)

Yes, this was announced by the Court that he was going to rule on the pending motions.

Geez… Poor Judge Wingate has opened the floodgates for anyone to file their foolish notions… And I also predict that Lamb’s case is going to be dismissed just like Wingate will dismiss Orly’s case. It’s called common sense and it does not require any inside knowledge.