Educating the Confused – Walt and the Foreperson of the TN Grand Jury (again and again)

Walt has tried again, and failed, to get his foolish notions heard by the 2014 McMinn County Grand Jury.

He still, against all evidence, judicial precedent and logic, claims that a foreperson like Cunningham or Pettway, are committing crimes when they portray themselves or act like forepersons of the Grand Jury.

Needless to say, Walter is wrong. According to the Rules, and legal precedents, the Court gets to appoint the foreperson of the Grand Jury, whose only requirement is that he/she is eligible, which means being a resident of appropriate age, with no major convictions.

(1) Appointment of Foreperson. The judge of the court authorized by law to charge–and receive the report of–the grand jury shall appoint the grand jury foreperson. When concurrent grand juries are impaneled, the court shall appoint a foreperson for each grand jury.

(2) Qualifications of Foreperson. The foreperson shall possess all the qualifications of a juror.

Which of course does not mean that the foreperson has to be selected through the process used to impanel a jury.

What are the qualifications of a juror?

  • TCA 22-1-101: It is the policy of this state that all qualified citizens have an obligation to serve on petit juries or grand juries when summoned by the courts of this state, unless excused. If you are 18 years of age or older, a citizen of the U.S., and have been a resident of Shelby County for the past 12 months you are qualified to act as a grand or petit juror, unless otherwise incompetent under TCA 22-1-102. If you are not qualified because of age or residency, a copy of driver license may be faxed to (901) 222-1651. If you are not a citizen, fax a copy of your visa, green card, or permanent resident card.
  • TCA 22-1-102: If you have been convicted of a felony or other infamous offenses, or if you have been convicted of perjury or subornation of perjury, you cannot act as a grand or petit juror. Documentation may be faxed to (901)222-1651.

Even the TN Legislature recognizes that the Judge gets to elect the foreperson, and has sought to change the procedures, but with no success so far.

Sharon and Walt appear to also still be confused by the procedures Walt observed in Court when the Judge appointed the jurors in accordance with TN law and statute. What Walt observed was not the juror selection process, which is random, but rather the appointment process by the Judge of those who had been selected and summoned.

It continues to amaze me why Walt continues down this foolish path? Even the McMinn Grand Jury has recently, again, rejected to hear Walt’s arguments since the Grand Jury had already decided on Walt’s claims several times before, and rejected his arguments. These findings are final and accusing people of crimes is not going to give Walt another opportunity to argue his failed case. Walt’s flawed understandings continue to cause him to pursue foolish pathways, and have led to his arrest, indictment and conviction before.

Once Walt understands the history and logic behinds the process in Tennessee, and why it is at odds with his ‘understanding’ of how a Grand Jury should work, he may find more fruitful avenues to pursue. For instance, the legislature of TN may be a better avenue for changing the laws and statutes.

For example:

Thomas Johnson Michie, The Encyclopedic Digest of Tennessee Reports: Being a Complete Encyclopedia and Digest of All the Tennessee Case Law Up to and Including Vol. 115 Tennessee Reports, Cooper’s Chancery Reports, Shannon’s Tennessee Cases, and the Tennessee Chancery Appeals Reports, Volume 6, 1908

  • Judge appoints foreperson
  • No need to record who was appointed foreperson


Regardless, I wish him well.


One thought on “Educating the Confused – Walt and the Foreperson of the TN Grand Jury (again and again)

  1. > It continues to amaze me why Walt continues down this foolish path?

    Because not doing so would amount to admitting he was wrong, and wingnuts of his caliber can not admit they were wrong, never ever, not even once, not even about a tiny issue.

    That’s precisely the reason why birthers believe so many contradictory things at once. E.g. they are so invested in the “born in Mombasa” (not just “born in Kenya”) claim that they would immediately discard any Kenyan Obama BC that does not say “Mombasa”.

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