MS – Orly v Democrat Party – enabling more sanctions?

Orly, already facing possible sanctions for needlessly multiplying proceedings, filed another ‘motion’ to inform the judge of meaningless chatter. Why Orly believes that anonymous postings which are nothing much than Orly baiting, have any legal relevance, is beyond me, but then again, she also has quite a confused understanding of what is ‘evidence’…

Orly also brings up Henry Blake’s foolish ‘analysis’ and affidavit…

How silly can one get… Tomorrow Judge Wingate will rule on the pending motions and not on sanctions but this will the time where she will find out that the Judge has rejected her claims, granted judgment on the motions and will entertain motions for sanctions and attorney costs.

And a shout out on Reality Check Radio…


3 thoughts on “MS – Orly v Democrat Party – enabling more sanctions?

  1. Just read the report on the Fogbow.

    The hearing in MS certainly appears to have led to a multiplication of proceedings. It seems that someone on Orly’s blog has been trolling her by claiming that the Judge already made his ruling a while ago. The judge is not happy.

    No ruling on the motions until the Judge has had time to deal with the latest filings.

  2. Dr Conspiracy reports

    Scott Tepper, one of the defense attorney in Taitz v. Democrat Party of Mississippi, will be RC’s guest at a special edition of Reality Check Radio tonight at 9 PM Eastern Time. Sam Begley, another of the attorneys, may be on also. “Tune” in to the show to get the inside scoop.

    Orly reports

    USDC Judge Henry Wingate, who is presiding over the RICO case, dealing with Obama”s use of fabricated ID’s and a stolen SSN, is consulting with the U.S. attorney and asking U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of MS to open a criminal case against an individual who made a defamatory statement about the judge and about Attorney Orly Taitz. The statement is below. additionally, he intends to serve the Internet provider with the subpoena, issued directly by the court, ordering the provider to release the identity and address of the person, who made this comment.

    Fascinating developments. But what a distraction…

  3. The report of the conference call also mentions that Tepper suggested that the judge appoints a master to help Orly with her subpoenas.

    Some fascinating developments but nothing to resolve the pending case.

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